Hypnosis is how we bypass our rationalizing thoughts and get a chance to give messages to our subconscious mind. The effectiveness of the subconscious mind vs the conscious mind is the ability to process about 40 trillion bits of information and the conscious mind working ao process only 40 bits of information.

In a state of deep relaxation we can give our efficient and magnificent subconscious mind suggestions and directions. This part of our mind is influenced by repetitive messages, but will never allow us to be forced to think or act in a way that is contrary to our own beliefs and boundaries.

Hypnosis can help us create positive thinking patterns that increase our effectiveness. It can give suggestions to our operating systems and improve our health.The influence of suggestions can help us reframe unproductive habits and gives us the power to manifest events, hopes and dreams, people, healing, and insights we could have never attained with our puny 40 bit processor brains.

The subconscious is not in your brain. It is all around you. It is connected to the subconsciousness of all others.

When open and accepting,  accessing our subconscious can help us identify blocks to healing, loving, unity, learning, and unspeakable joy.

Whether you realize it or not, your subconscious mind is always active. Without direction, it will do what it deems best. Sometimes it is best to get out of its way and allow it to be in charge, and at other times it is best to be in alignment by sending it the suggestions that we need to implement to improve our lives, relationships, interactions, and our progress on our soul’s journey.

Once the skills of hypnosis are learned, they can be transferred to a daily practice of self-hypnosis. we becine aware that our ability to work with our subconscious does not necessarily depend on an outside facilitator.